Jared SunRhodes February 12 2018

“I was born to Virgil SunRhodes, Northern Arapaho of Ethete, Wyoming and Rose Pecos, Walatowa, of Hemish Pueblo, New Mexico. I carry my Grandfather Joe’s name on my Father’s side, which is “Black Hawk.” My name on my Mother’s side translates to “Good and Plentiful Land.” My English name is Jared Francis SunRhodes.

Fortunate of a disciplined and strict traditional upbringing by my Grandparents on both sides of my lineage, I was able to experience the importance and value of our Indian way of life. I owe it to these people and the others before them to carry on the beliefs stories of the Northern Arapaho and the values of the Indian way of living, and that is done through various mediums of song, dance, and ledger art. I belong to the Eagle Drum Society and it is my duty to help with whatever is asked of me, whenever it is asked.”