Crawford White March 04 2014

Crawford White is a Northern Arapaho Elder and Ceremonial Leader. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran with a Purple Heart and was discharged with honors. Crawford is a former member of the Northern Arapaho Council, he is a first generation Arapaho language speaker, and an adviser for the local chapter of The Native American Church. He makes his home on the Wind River Reservation. Crawford works diligently to keep the Arapaho language alive, and continues to preserve the Northern Arapaho way of life. Over the years, Crawford has also developed the skill of being a silversmith. He produces brilliant, detailed works of art in his sterling silver bracelets, pendants, and rings. He learned this skill from his brother, Nelson White, when he returned home from the service. Over an accumulative span of twenty two years Crawford has been practicing this form of art. He has developed his own unique style that starts from raw materials in his shop on the Wind River Reservation. Crawford’s family is his main inspiration behind his work along with the joy the process and the finished product brings him.