Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different beads used in the beadwork?

There are a variety of beads used in the different beadwork pieces. Seed, delica, cut, and bugle beads are some of the different categories of beads. The seed bead is one of the more commonly used, it has a very uniform style to it, and the bead itself is round in shape. A delica bead is a newer style of bead that is very precise and cylindrical. Cut beads are cut at different angles so the bead has a shiny surface. Bugle beads are tube shaped and much longer than seed, delica, and cut beads.

What type of stitches are used in the beadwork?

The types of stitches vary from tribe to tribe, beader to beader. The lazy stitch is a common technique throughout the Great Plains Region and was one of the more traditional styles of beading. It was and still is used for clothing and a lot of the traditional regalia of the Native American people. The beadwork is composed of lanes with many rows of beads. The rows of beads can have up to nine beads at a time. The tack stitch is used to work with the more detailed and circular designs. Tack beading is a style that is flat and smooth to the touch. This style of beading involves tacking down every two to four beads. It is very refined and is popular with the more contemporary artists. There is also the loom beadwork that is made on a loom and also the peyote stitch that is a style that stitches every other bead. Many pieces of beadwork may have more than one style combined to produce a piece of artwork.

Are these items made locally?

Yes, all of the items posted on Wind River Native Gifts are made in the Wind River country of Wyoming. Wind River Native Gifts is a site to showcase all of the talent that makes its home on and around the Wind River Reservation, unless otherwise stated.

What is trade cloth?

The use of trade cloth in Native American culture dates back to the 1700s. In the early days of trading this type of cloth was traded for animal skins and was used for leggings, breechcloths, dresses, skirts, shirts, and blankets. It was a symbol of status among many native tribes. In today’s age, the trade cloth is still incorporated in the same ways, as well as contemporary purses and other adornments.

Where are you located?

We are located on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. This store is an online business.